Sundried Tomatoes (Cherry) (Organic)

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes dried to perfection. Add them as a topping, make pesto, or use as an ingredient to enhance the taste of your dishes!


Color: Natural

Size / Dimension: 100g


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Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes dried to perfection. Add them as a topping, make pesto, or use as an ingredient to enhance the taste of your dishes!

Title: Sundried Tomatoes (Cherry) (Organic)

Color: Natural

Size / Dimension: 100g

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A sustainable farm and homestead that is owned and run by the couple Anjali Rudraraju & Kabir Cariappa. The flagship farm is located along the forest ranges of southern Karnataka, close to the Nugu Reservoir. Yarroway Farm is named after the resilient yarrow plant that has been growing on our farm over the years and has restored the farm and beings on the land with its healing properties. The farm as an organism follows organic and biodynamic practices to grow a wide range of crops and our belief lies in sustaining through growing our own food and protecting the environment around us first. Core Sustainable Agriculture Elements: ★ Holistic Crop Diversity: Grains, Millets, Pulses, Oils, Spices, Vegetables & Greens, Herbs, Flowers, etc. ★ Seeds & Conservation - Heirloom & Organic (open pollinated only) varieties ★ Seasonal Sowing, Green Manuring & Companion Planting ★ Composts & Natural Preparations made within the farm ★ Indigenous Cattle & Farm Grown Fodder ★ Apiculture (honey bees) ★ Rainwater Harvesting & Irrigation ★ Renewable Energy systems We encourage the practices of biodynamic agriculture to grow produce that is nutritionally and structurally of superior quality. Biodynamic Farming is a sustainable and regenerative form of agriculture where the farm is a living entity that interacts with the environment, to build healthy, living soil and to produce food that nourishes mankind. The practices were prevalent way before the chemical revolution, when farmers (by default organic) practiced biodynamic agriculture to optimize the quantity, quality, and taste profile of their crops and produce. Principles of Biodynamic Agriculture: ★ Supports the right balance of people, plants and animals (the indigenous cow is an integral part of the farming process) ★ Specially made composts consisting of time-tested doses of plants, minerals and animal manure to improve soil life ★ No outside inputs such as soil amendments or animal feed ★ Farm Activities are planned based on a lunar calendar & phases of the moon ★ The resulting produce is nutritionally superior & tastes better


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