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About The Studio

The Jewelry Project, guided by our calling to make work play and play work, the designers and craftsmen at our nature studio create jewels from nature’s bounty. We work in precious metals and natural gemstones and craft with our hands. We are inspired by the stories of time and seek to learn from its constant change. We have a commission design nature studio that welcomes all to ask our designers to create your heirlooms for your marriages, commemorations and birthdays… or just because you feel creative or special.

About The Artist

Deepti Sudhindra, A jewellery designer par excellence and a talented dancer, Deepti has created waves in Bangalore through her designs for The Jewellery Project. The label boasts of intrinsically Indian but globally aesthetic jewellery designs. Her designs are like moving installations, each inspired by varied Indian themes and ideologies. Every work of metal, precious or semi-precious probes deeper into the meaning of life and living in their own way. Deepti chooses to embrace the simplicity and organic way of life.

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  • Filigree Cuff Bangle

    Filigree Cuff Bangle
    thejewelryproject Bangalore, India
  • Filigree Earrings

    Filigree Earrings
    thejewelryproject Bangalore, India
  • Filigree Neckpiece

    Filigree Neckpiece
    thejewelryproject Bangalore, India
  • Nature's Collection - Cuff

    Nature's Collection - Cuff
    thejewelryproject Bangalore, India