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About The Studio

India Muse is environmentally conscious Brand –that is, local, ethical and sustainable fashionable solution to its lighting-fast-product life. From the best of Indian textiles and handicrafts to up-cycled vintage, shopping sustainable fashion has never been easier. India Muse works with the artisans of different tribes of different region to improve the livelihoods of those in the area and to help preserve the rich cultural heritage of India. Everything is made from sustainable and locally produced pieces, each of them are either hand loomed, hand dyed, hand printed, hand embroidered or handpicked, so that you can shop them ethically without feeling guilty.

About The Artist

One point in my life, I could not decide what I want to be : a millionaire or an artist. So right now I am in a compromising position, trying to become a millionaire artist or something. It's funny right ? (At least in my head). After studying Design for 6 years, I am still not comfortable calling myself a Designer, it has become an overrated word nowadays. I prefer to call myself an Aesthete. Uhh…I don’t want to get into that right now since it would be useful for some other place and another time.

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