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About The Studio

Always admired the intricacy and brilliance of stained glass work in murals that adorn church panels? Been awestruck by the colours and craftsmanship of classic Tiffany lamps that never go out of style? Wished some of that beauty could be reflected in artwork that occupies your home as well? Then say hello to Glasshopper. One of the few glasswork studios in the country, Glasshopper creates multihued sun catchers, planters, lampshades, door panels, custom-made christmas decorations, garden ornamentals and more...all using the intricate lead work featuring glass in different shapes, in over 200 colours and textures. Popular motifs include butterflies, dragonflies, birds, angels, seagulls and elements inspired by nature. The common thing that binds all these creations is the intricate lead work that fuses the glass pieces together in over 200 shaded, coloured and textured glass. Started only a year back in Bangalore, Glasshopper has already beautified homes, work places, restaurants and various stores with its unique and exclusive work.

About The Artist

Glasshopper is one of the few studios that creates original art using the classic ‘Tiffany’ technique of fusing lead and copper foil with glass to create distinctive pieces that are delicate yet made to last. Run by Saarus Nirhali, a lawyer, Glasshopper seeks to bring kaleidoscopic beauty to your everyday. Saarus’s work is in demand by high-end restaurants like Olive Beach, art festivals like Kala Ghoda, churches, jewellery designers, and homeowners with an eye for beautiful objects d'art. A law graduate and now an artist, i am trying to revive original stained glass art in India. All my original designs have a copyright.

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  • 3D butterfly sun-catcher

    3D butterfly sun-catcher
    glasshopper Bangalore, India
  • Feathers

    glasshopper Bangalore, India
  • 2D Butterfly - Purple and Pink

    2D Butterfly - Purple and Pink
    glasshopper Bangalore, India
  • 2D Butterfly - Yellow and Black

    2D Butterfly - Yellow and Black
    glasshopper Bangalore, India