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About The Studio

bloon toys is a toy shop for two to seven year olds. at bloon toys we believe that play is much more than achieving set goals or being entertained. play is nature’s way of making sure they learn and grow, it is a means of expression for one without the tools of language, it is the way children understand and deeply imbibe the world around them, and it is fundamental to the development of the imagination, emotional wellbeing, the will and an internal locus of control. in order to be all this, all the toys at bloon toys are open ended – allowing the ‘play’ to emerge from the child and not the toy. minimal by design, the toys are really materials which allow the most room for imagination and possibility. natural materials, and thoughtful handcrafting make the toys both nourishing to the senses and perfectly safe for unsupervised play. Bloon toys draws its inspirations from the waldorf school of thought, age old cultural wisdom as well as from contemporary research on play.

About The Artist

A trained Waldorf teacher and a graduate from the Indian School of Business, Isha was on a journey to better understand education and the education system when she was drawn to the idea of ‘play’ as a natural tool for learning and evolution. She seeks to design and re-design materials and experiences which when combined with freedom allow children to learn and grow holistically through play.

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