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About The Studio

Ahem is inspired from the sanskrit word Aham, which simply means ‘I’. In spiritual terms it translates into a supreme awareness of oneself. Thus, Ahem also stems from the supreme awareness of the need to create and bring to life one’s ideas. The free movement of ideas and creative energies has given birth to some exquisite Paper and fabric products like Vintage 100% biodegradable Made In India handmade paper Diaries with a burnt look, brass locks, Paper Bags, Wrapping papers, Letter heads, cards etc. The list is endless just like the creative energies in one’s body. May these one of a kind creative designs transcend into your lives and re-energize it.

About The Artist

My journey started like any other Indian household with getting a MBA degree and joining the corporate race. Five years into the job, and I could not take it anymore, there was something more meaningful in my life than crunching numbers. I explored my creativity with authoring a book Life's Macchiato: A collection of your stories first. Then came the urge to go to the next level of exploring my passion of food and cooking, thus emerged my first start up Chef In A Box, a recipe and ingredient delivery kit system. Along with this start up I took to art like doodling, Indian folk art like Gond, Phad as a therapy and stress buster. Art knows no boundaries and it has now led me to my third project of Ahem; stationery designing. These designs and ideas that you see on the page are a an amalgamation of my imagination and emotions. Thus, they are truly from the heart and made with tender love (cheesy I know!). When you hold each product they inspire you to do more and be more. That is what I always strive for.

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  • Holy Smoke Handmade Diary

    Holy Smoke Handmade Diary
    ahembygayatri New Delhi, India
  • Zentangle Art Handmade Diary

    Zentangle Art Handmade Diary
    ahembygayatri New Delhi, India
  • Rustic Vintage Handmade Leather Diary

    Rustic Vintage Handmade Leather Diary
    ahembygayatri New Delhi, India
  • Secret Keeper Diary

    Secret Keeper Diary
    ahembygayatri New Delhi, India