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The genesis of Yummium can probably be traced back to five years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with an allergy to chemical food additives. The experience ended up with us making a foray into 100% natural, ready to eat foods, starting with Jams/Fruit spreads where I’d built up a robust process. Getting the certification and licenses took a bit of time and a process by which the company that we set up (Konkan Kitchen) in Jan 2015 had the requisite licenses and product certifications by the fourth quarter of 2015. The encouragement came from family and friends who were impressed by the homemade jams and the scale of demand from the circles went up.

About The Artist

Founded by parents of a child allergic to food additives and chemicals, KONKAN KITCHEN is a 100% Natural fruit product manufacturing company. We manufacture 100% Natural fruit spreads, hot sauces and pickles. We are constantly innovating with new products and experimenting with all that nature and the farmer can bring to us while we bring to your home the best natural products. Our commitment to our customers is that our products are 100% natural, there are no artificial chemical preservatives, colour or flavour added to any of our products packaged in environment friendly glass bottles.

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  • Strawberry Spread

    Strawberry Spread
    Yummium Mumbai, India
  • Mulberry Spread

    Mulberry Spread
    Yummium Mumbai, India
  • Caramel Apple Spread

    Caramel Apple Spread
    Yummium Mumbai, India
  • Chocolate Valencia

    Chocolate Valencia
    Yummium Mumbai, India