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About The Studio

Atul Johri, architect and designer, brings out his new collection after 8 years, and it’s worth the wait. Yet 8 years aren’t long when you think of the age of a tree that has been growing, strengthening for decades and then gets chopped down in an hour. Atul’s art is a tribute to the beautiful old trees and the beautiful old craft of woodmanship, both of which are now being felled thoughtlessly. Everything in this collection is made out of recycled wood. No new trees have been felled for this. Discarded wood has been taken and given a new life in the hands of craftsmen trained by Atul Johri, who has made Channapatna his home, and the people there, his responsibility. The old forgotten art of woodwork that once had Channapatna famous for its lacquer wooden toys and artefacts, now lies by the wayside, in the threat of Made-in-China machine-made replicates.

About The Artist

I am an architect and designer. I personally train and work with the Channapatna artists to fuse the old wood art with avant-garde designs to bring out exquisite pieces of art and utility that have found their way into the most elite of places.

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  • Wood & Lacquer Earrings

    Wood & Lacquer Earrings
    TulsiCollection Bangalore, India
  • Incense Holders

    Incense Holders
    TulsiCollection Bangalore, India