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About The Studio

The Station Box is my attempt to bring together my 2 loves – design and stationery. The entire range is designed to make your everyday more fun with quirky illustrations. A lot of thought goes into making sure that each product is highly functional and usable. Every book is handcrafted with tender loving care and is waiting to find a loving home.

About The Artist

I’m a digital designer and illustrator with a love for hand lettering. I enjoy working and experimenting with various styles and making things with my hands. A big set of colourful pens and paper are my happy place. I’m a self-confessed stationery addict and be it using fun pens, collecting different notebooks or just being surrounded by good beautiful paper. The Station Box came about because of my personal obsession with stationery.

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  • Freshly Brewed Ideas

    Freshly Brewed Ideas
    TheStationBox Bangalore, India
  • To Reboot Press Ctrl+Alt+Del

    To Reboot Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
    TheStationBox Bangalore, India
  • Life Is A Mixtape

    Life Is A Mixtape
    TheStationBox Bangalore, India
  • Classic Like Me

    Classic Like Me
    TheStationBox Bangalore, India