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About The Studio

A unique blend of culture with innovation, India is home to a tremendous variety of handicrafts and production techniques. Yet, the availability of these products remains low, and the kind of respect and value that local artisans rightfully deserve is meager. The Pitara Project addresses exactly this gap. To celebrate the ‘treasure chest’ that is homegrown Indian artisanal work, The Pitara Project, a home décor and lifestyle brand, is committed to bringing to the fore the inherent creativity of India in a way that is modern, stylish and chic. Each of our products tells a unique story, about how they came to be and where they come from. They will allow you to both, fill your home with pieces that have an aesthetically “wow” factor, while remaining sustainable and responsible. Traditional Indian handicrafts have been ushered in to the 21st century, it’s time you open the ‘pitara’ that awaits you!

About The Artist

A graduate of Business Management and Finance, the idea of The Pitara Project came to me when I was visiting a handicraft fair in the year 2016. I have been time and again surprised with the creativity that lied within our very own country and my aim is to bring that to the end consumer at affordable prices. I love travelling and look for ideas and inspiration everywhere I go!

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  • Napkin Holder Wooden Burnt Finish

    Napkin Holder Wooden Burnt Finish
    ThePitaraProject Mumbai, India
  • Prism Pendant Lantern

    Prism Pendant Lantern
    ThePitaraProject Mumbai, India
  • Trivets Wooden Geo Black

    Trivets Wooden Geo Black
    ThePitaraProject Mumbai, India
  • Trivets Wooden Flower Carved

    Trivets Wooden Flower Carved
    ThePitaraProject Mumbai, India