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In a world running after ‘perfection’, similar looking factory made products, and mindless mechanical shopping, The House of Artisans is a pleasant surprise! We are about everything handmade! We celebrate the imperfections that come as a proof of something made by a human! We are crazy about having products that are someone’s passion, something that tells a story of who they are, something that is most dear to them. And we love being a medium for those who appreciate this passion, love and effort! We have set out to change the way the world looks at handmade, because handmade is not a product it’s a lifestyle! Join us on this incredible journey!

About The Artist

"I am an artist I run a business for artisans I capture moments I believe in love I study occult I create what has not been created yet I am an artist. I am also a postman to about 140 artisans I make them believe that their work matters I tell them that the world loves what they do."

Products From The Artist

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  • Ring Holder with Handcarving

    Ring Holder with Handcarving
    TheHouseofArtisans Gurgoan, India
  • Raw Seashell Plate

    Raw Seashell Plate
    TheHouseofArtisans Gurgoan, India
  • Seashell Neemwood Spoon (Set of 3)

    Seashell Neemwood Spoon (Set of 3)
    TheHouseofArtisans Gurgoan, India
  • Seashell Spoon (Set of 2)

    Seashell Spoon (Set of 2)
    TheHouseofArtisans Gurgoan, India