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About The Studio

The Hobbyt, is about all things magical. Each of our creations are greatly inspired by nature and carry with them a tiny part of us. Our hobbies gradually grew into a small start up which offers one of a kind, colourful handmade products. Crochet toys, bamboo and wooden artifacts, pyrography (the art of burning on wood) and nature jewellery are some of the products we offer. We hope you see the magic in them too! :)

About The Artist

The idea for Hobbyt germinated on a farm! Some years ago, along with my family, I had experimented with working and living off the land. Living simply, frugally and embedded within the beauty and the amazing ways of nature had a deep impact. Farm was hard work, that made spending snatches of free time on the grassy fields doing fun things with our hands, that much sweeter. It was here that I decided to seriously pursue working with my hands and make things that interested me. Hobbyt, inspired by the beauty of Mother Earth, is all things handmade. A lot of care goes into each product which thus carries its own uniqueness. Just the pure joy of hand work. We hope you appreciate and enjoy what we do with all our passion.

Products From The Artist

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  • Real-Flower Statement Ring

    Real-Flower Statement Ring
    TheHobbyt bengaluru, India
  • Real-Flower Bracelet

    Real-Flower Bracelet
    TheHobbyt bengaluru, India
  • Real-Flower Spiral Ring in Green

    Real-Flower Spiral Ring in Green
    TheHobbyt bengaluru, India
  • Real-Flower Square Ring in Green

    Real-Flower Square Ring in Green
    TheHobbyt bengaluru, India