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About The Studio

Pep N Pure was born because of the love for food by two closely knit sisters, Pooja & Tejaswini. After experimenting in the kitchen by making jams for friends and family it was very well received with compliments and reorders started coming in. After this, they knew this had to be shared with a lot more people by increasing the reach of the business but keeping the recipes & production process homely in small batches to not lose the essence & flavor of the brand.

About The Artist

I am a finance professional and hence bring in the right brain with 10 years of solid corporate career in MNCs. My love for food, hunger for creativity and passion for life is the reason why Pep N Pure came out of the kitchen in to the open world.

Products From The Artist

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  • Mixed Fruit and Spice

    Mixed Fruit and Spice
    PepNPure Mumbai, India
  • Tomato Chilli

    Tomato Chilli
    PepNPure Mumbai, India
  • Orange Marmalade

    Orange Marmalade
    PepNPure Mumbai, India
  • Banana Vanilla

    Banana Vanilla
    PepNPure Mumbai, India