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About The Studio

Oya is India’s first jewelry brand inspired by sports, fitness and positivity. The pieces are etched and moulded with words, symbols and a dash of human spirit to provide a message of inspiration and motivation for the wearer. A reminder that you are worthy of all your dreams and aspirations and the immense power that resides within you will help you to achieve them. The collection is all sterling silver (925) and ranges across running, yoga, cycling, triathlon, crossfit, pieces of empowerment and positivity as well as a great set of magical charms to mix and match and wear your unique story. This collection continues to grow and expand everyday, bringing more sports, fitness and inspiration designs into its fray. Own it, Wear it, flaunt it - live the magic!

About The Artist

Sandhya Balasubramanian is a fitness enthusiast who is has been running for 10 years. The brand was born out of her passion for running and the need to provide the ever growing amateur running and sports community in the country with a bit of magic. She feels that often a small piece of jewelry that connects you to a passion gets you started or keeps you motivated. It’s a piece of you and what you stand for. Most of her pieces are minimalist, sporty casual and meant for everyday wear.

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  • Moksha Collection-Lotus Pendant

    Moksha Collection-Lotus Pendant
    Oya Bangalore, India
  • Moksha Collection: Lotus Charm

    Moksha Collection: Lotus Charm
    Oya Bangalore, India
  • Moksha Collection: OM Charm

    Moksha Collection: OM Charm
    Oya Bangalore, India
  • Moksha Collection: Tree of Life Charm

    Moksha Collection: Tree of Life Charm
    Oya Bangalore, India