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About The Studio

Other-Wise is an initiative towards a holistic childhood through simple and well-detailed products for children. The experiments of a furniture designer upon becoming a parent led to the genesis of OtherWise. This means that products created by Other-Wise are professionally designed and grounded in reality. Some underlying principles followed across operations include: Being mindful of the environment Being fair to people involved in the process of developing products Working with locally available options, as far as possible Honest marketing Other-Wise aims at making fun and functional products without visual clutter. It is our belief that experiences are more important than products, and we let the 'experiences' take center stage by developing products that do not fight for the child's attention. We are always excited to work with natural materials. It is our effort to introduce children to the joys of exploring the outdoors and of making things with their own hands. We also hope to appeal to parents and caregivers who look for alternative options while raising their young ones.

About The Artist

Garima is a furniture designer and a parent of a one year old. She has the designer's curse! (I must design and make things myself). Her son is the guinea pig and seems to enjoy being brought up in the midst of creation by both his parents. Garima trained to be a furniture designer at the National Institute of Design. She practices design in Goa. She is drawn to simple design and objects that function well. 'Natural' is the commonality that her design and parenting share. Products by 'Other-Wise' use natural materials and local skills; and her parenting choices so far have included natural birth, cloth-diapering, co-sleeping and baby-wearing. This forms the background and foundation of Other-Wise. As a parent, she found it difficult to find products that agreed with her philosophy, which is to offer her child a natural and neutral environment to grow in. Therefore, she decided to develop meaningful and simple products for kids and parents.

Products From The Artist

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  • Baby-Toddler Swing - Lettuce Green

    Baby-Toddler Swing - Lettuce Green
    Other-Wise Goa, India
  • Baby-Toddler Swing - Scarlet Red

    Baby-Toddler Swing - Scarlet Red
    Other-Wise Goa, India
  • Flying Saucer - Swings for serious fun!

    Flying Saucer - Swings for serious fun!
    Other-Wise Goa, India
  • Baby-Toddler Swing - Canvas

    Baby-Toddler Swing - Canvas
    Other-Wise Goa, India