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The term ikat stems from the malay-Indonesian expression ‘mangikat’, meaning to bind, knot or wind around. Ikat or resist dyeing, involves the sequence of tying (or wrapping) and dyeing sections of bundled yarn to a predetermined colour scheme prior to weaving. Thus, the dye penetrates into the exposed sections, while the tied sections remain undyed. The patterns formed by this process are then woven into fabric. The process is repeated as many times as the number of colors in the fabric. It is an indigenous craft that is practiced in India (Gujarat, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh) and various other countries like Indonesia, Guatemala, Japan, Uzbekistan and Peru. We work with a group of weavers in western Odisha and the kind of ikat we produce is called sambalpuri ikat which are known to have very intricate and curvilinear motifs on a fine cotton fabric. Neeli Titlee was created to bridge the gap between the traditional craft of the ikat weavers of western Odisha (Sambalpur) and the growing demand for modern and well-designed sambalpuri ikat products in the contemporary market. We believe in slow fashion which is why all our products are handwoven and hand dyed with eco-friendly dyes. We use 100% natural fibers (either cotton or silk) and have committed ourselves to fair trade practices and believe in a bottom up growth.

About The Artist

I am a textile designer by profession and an ardent fan of every single craft in our country. Given a chance, I would like to dabble with each and every one of them, one at a time but looks like it will take several lifetimes. Hence I have devoted this lifetime to my love for everything IKAT and maybe a few more along the way. You will always find me with a scarf draped in an exciting new style. Attend one of my scarf draping workshops and I guarantee that you would go home with countless ideas to use your scarves that have been hiding in your closet for so so long.

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