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About The Studio

The idea incepted in 2016 and it started with a professional course. After researching and gifting and collecting lots of feedback, she launched in 2017. It’s been a beautiful journey, with lots of readings and research happening all the time. At Mist and Dew, she formulate products with finest of raw materials like botanicals, butters, oils and essential oils and mention detailed ingredient list on the label. The vision is to spread the awareness and make natural bath and skin care reachable to all.

About The Artist

Mist and Dew is started by Ankita Goel, a creator of natural bath, skincare and beauty products. Ankita, who is an engineering and MBA graduate, worked in the IT sector for more than a decade before finding her true mojo. Ankita creates her own recipes, and handcrafts all her products.

Products From The Artist

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  • Orange Night Cream

    Orange Night Cream
    MistAndDew Bangalore, India
  • Pink Satin Face Cream

    Pink Satin Face Cream
    MistAndDew Bangalore, India
  • Honey Almond Baby Cream

    Honey Almond Baby Cream
    MistAndDew Bangalore, India
  • Tea tree Lotion

    Tea tree Lotion
    MistAndDew Bangalore, India