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At Maduban Naturals we make simple, healthy, natural, handmade, value added products from fresh whole fruit extracts of pomegranate and jamun - fruits native to India. Our product range varies from chocolates to trail mixes to juice concentrates and even to face packs/scrubs etc. All our products are free from any synthetics - preservatives, colors, flavors etc. They are handmade with passion in small batches to maintain quality of highest standards.

About The Artist

A chemical engineer by background my first venture was into manufacture of a cellulose based polymer used in pharma formulations to extend the release of drug inside the human body. Later I also started manufacturing specialty organic fluorine compounds - building blocks for bulk drug research. In 2008 I was bitten by the 'natural' bug and wanted my product line to be free of any chemicals/synthetics. Founded Maduban Natural Products to work on native indian fruits like pomegranate and jamun - make value added products from their whole fruit extracts.

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