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About The Studio

Little Treats was born out of various experiments in my kitchen in an effort to give my kids wholesome foods that were devoid of artificial colours and preservatives. They were also born out of my experiments to play around with Indian flavours which I think are not given their due credit. Our products do not use preservatives or artificial colours.

About The Artist

I am a dentist and a self- taught home chef. The kitchen is my favourite spot in the house and I love experimenting in there. I’m always looking up recipes, traditional flavours and local cuisines. "Make from scratch" is my mantra and it reflects in my brand too.

Products From The Artist

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  • Thecha Butter

    Thecha Butter
    LittleTreats Mumbai, India
  • Kadipatta Butter

    Kadipatta Butter
    LittleTreats Mumbai, India
  • Green Garlic Butter

    Green Garlic Butter
    LittleTreats Mumbai, India
  • Strawberry Butter

    Strawberry Butter
    LittleTreats Mumbai, India