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About The Studio

‘Kavade’ in kannada means “Cowrie Shells”. KAVADE is a niche Toy Hive which strives to promote traditional, value enriched learning through games without moving too far away from nature. The Toy Hive has aligned with self-help groups working with natural materials for a sustainable livelihood. A game with a set of 4 or 6 cowrie shells has so much to teach us. Several emotions are stirred up when the shells fall with their openings upwards; the sound that reigns when they fall in this manner is an unparalleled joy…some simple pleasures that go on to make a HAPPY CHILD who will carry sweet memories of ‘growing up’. In an age when our children (and we!) are bombarded with television, videogames & plastic toys, it is imperative that we re-open our treasure chest of traditional games. Kavade has a repertoire of fun-filled Traditional Games which are on the verge of extinction, Games & Learning aids made using eco-friendly materials and a wonderful range of Brainteasers along with science & toys related books. Various raw materials like Palm leaves, Grass, Shells, Fabric, Wood, Canvas & Elephant dung have been used for making these products. It doesn’t stop at being a toy store. Kavade welcomes like minded game enthusiasts to come together on a regular basis to play a game or two & relive our good old days. Periodical workshops, conferences are some of the activities at the toy hive."

About The Artist

Nature lover, hoping to reach the dream of sustainable living

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  • Pagade (Red and Yellow)

    Pagade (Red and Yellow)
    Kavadehive Bangalore, India
  • Gift Set 1 - Bugari (Spinning top) + Stick Bugari (Long Spinning top) + Whizzer

    Gift Set 1 - Bugari (Spinning top) + Stick Bugari (Long Spinning top)  + Whizzer
    Kavadehive Bangalore, India
  • Gift Set 2 - Bugari + Stick Bugari

    Gift Set 2 - Bugari + Stick Bugari
    Kavadehive Bangalore, India
  • Chowka Bara Embroidered

    Chowka Bara Embroidered
    Kavadehive Bangalore, India