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About The Studio

In my view, every sojourn is inspired by a myriad of journeys. A traveller at heart, I explored the nooks and corners of India and fell in love with her arts and crafts. Every destination I backpacked to, I found an arts and handicrafts discovery waiting to happen. Romancing folk Indian arts inspired me to support the cause of handicrafts and revive their beautiful culture across the urban landscapes of India. I’m fiercely passionate to make India re-discover their love for art, organic products, textiles and craftsmanship. Kaisori was born out of this very passion - A celebration of Indian culture and storytelling as seen through our ancient crafts. It is a collective journey into the heart of India’s crafted marvels, reaching into our cities for you to rediscover a love for all things handmade. Lots of love,  Emily

About The Artist

Brainchild of Emily Chakraborty, an advertising professional and a born traveller, Kaisori is a natural progression of her many journeys. Each new place brought her closer to a new art form, craft technique, textile and legacy. Driven by a strong passion for revival of Indian arts and giving our craftsmen a broader canvas to flourish, she created Kaisori, a true labour of love. And that is just why every time you hold any of the brand’s products; you can feel its ‘Love Handmade.’

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