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"Kairos" is a greek word meaning the opportune moment. Kairos Trinkets came into being in a very similar fashion. It was just a regular day when Pallavi and Khushboo, the co founders, got talking about their love for all things artisnal. What started over coffee ended up being a day long discussion on ways to make artisan accessories available to the masses. Passionate ideas and a LOT of research over the next two months ensued and before they knew it everything fell into place and they had their 'Kairos' moment. With the idea of bringing handmade accessories to women and men across the world they collaborated with kaarigars in their region to make this dream real. So every step of the making process involves many hands, many souls and a lot of love.

About The Artist

Kairos Trinkets is a brand for the strong and independent individual - fearless in his/her pursuit for success. Someone who has a bit of quirk and is not afraid to express one's self. Our accessories are bold yet elegant, just the right mix for the kind yet fierce #KairosStar

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  • Calendula

    KairosTrinkets Bengaluru, India
  • Caryl Earring

    Caryl Earring
    KairosTrinkets Bengaluru, India
  • Cadenza

    KairosTrinkets Bengaluru, India
  • Cedrica Pink

    Cedrica Pink
    KairosTrinkets Bengaluru, India