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About The Studio

'Ideas *R Us ' is a Think Tank founded by Avinash Singh, Nirmal George and Amitha Singh which explores new ideas across categories and brings them to life. Ideas R Us is currently developing ideas around card and board games, backpacker tourism, creative books and food. The idea behind the games being developed is to - Connect children with their parents/adults as they enjoy good times at home; - Bring games from the past which we grew up on back into the living room, - Do this with contemporary changes and adapted to board and card formats, keeping in mind the changing times. The first idea, a new card game, Oddreve, was launched in late 2016. The second game Chor Police, a board and card game for children and adults; has successfully been crowdfunded and is now available here!

About The Artist

Amitha Singh is a writer, mentor, digital marketeer and entrepreneur with over 2 decades of professional experience. She is passionate about creative writing, sports, working with children, storytelling, reading and food. She is also the co-founder of the Think Tank, Ideas *R Us.

Products From The Artist

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  • Chor Police – A 3-in-1 Board and Card Game for all Ages

    Chor Police – A 3-in-1 Board and Card Game for all Ages
    IdeasRus Bangalore, India
  • Oddreve - The Cricket Card Game

     Oddreve - The Cricket Card Game
    IdeasRus Bangalore, India