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About The Studio

ForestKraft is an artisanal home decor and gifting solutions venture. Motivated by our love for all things natural, we innovatively use dried flowers and other beautiful forest blooms like pine cones, fruits and pods to create charming pieces of home decoration. Although very popular internationally, this is a relatively new concept in the Indian market. Through extensive research and travels, we bring International trends and designs into the living spaces of our customers.

About The Artist

Being an Air Force officer’s daughter, I grew up in places where we were always close to nature and surrounded by trees, shrubs, climbers and flowers. Due to our constant travels, I have also seen the amazing and varying flora of the different regions of our country. Despite a successful corporate career, I always felt a little restlessness and a desire to do something more fulfilling. I realised that my calling lay in being close to nature . . . plants and flowers. So after 14 years of working in the corporate world, I took the plunge and started my own venture, ForestKraft, where we use beautiful botanical materials gathered from the forests of India and innovatively turn them into charming home decorations. Earthy textures, foresty feels, bursts of colour . . . all come together to rejuvenate your home. This is our little way of bringing the outdoors indoors and adding a bit of nature into your space. Customers love our products not only for home decoration but also for gifting, pooja room decoration, party/event decoration, restaurant decor etc Every time a customer tells me how much they are enjoying our products, how the flowers are adding that happy feeling to their homes, the compliments they are getting from their friends and guests, I feel great joy and satisfaction.

Products From The Artist

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  • Ananta Metal Windchime

    Ananta Metal Windchime
    Forestkraft mumbai, India
  • Long Recycled Plastic Planter

    Long Recycled Plastic Planter
    Forestkraft mumbai, India
  • Chakra Metal Windchime

    Chakra Metal Windchime
    Forestkraft mumbai, India
  • Kundalini Metal Windchime

    Kundalini Metal Windchime
    Forestkraft mumbai, India