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About The Studio

Embar is an all-natural skincare brand, focusing on bringing the native Indian beauty rituals to the urban audience. We craft our creations to be result oriented rather than just impart superficial sensorial gratification. Thus, we only use herbs grown by us and source the others from neighboring farmers and suppliers. Our therapeutic blends heal and transcend you to a different plane instead of giving you a fleeting feel-good moment. This uncompromising commitment to quality makes our product come at a premium, but we rather have high quality than sell volumes. All of our recipes are created in small batches to ensure you receive the freshest product possible. Embar supports two families that take care of the farm and we would like to thank you for helping us do that. Our endeavor is to create more jobs in the backend whilst presenting you with pure & potent skin loving goodness. We hope you enjoy our all-natural creations.

About The Artist

Raised in an urban setting with farm rules, I didn't see a shampoo bottle in my house until I became a defiant teenager. Face wash was an herby powder spooned into my hands by mom and every Saturdays meant hair washes with a brown paste. Fast forward couple of decades and I was working in the advertising industry happily. But deep down I wanted to do something of my own. My marriage came as a timely break from my job. I had time to rethink things. It didn't take me too long to realize, herbs made me smile. A trip to my farm sealed the deal. I wanted to bring herbs to the urban audience but in a more accessible way. I studied for five years before I ventured into this...right from perfumery, to herbology to cosmetic formulations. We now create skin care products with the seasonal herbs we harvest. Our aim is to bring back native beauty practices in vogue.

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  • Papaya Orange Soap

    Papaya Orange Soap
    Embar Bengaluru, India
  • Chocolate face mask (For Dry Skin)

    Chocolate face mask (For Dry Skin)
    Embar Bengaluru, India
  • Matcha Tea Mask And Scrub (For combination skin)

    Matcha Tea Mask And Scrub (For combination skin)
    Embar Bengaluru, India
  • Lavender Black Seed Scrub

    Lavender Black Seed Scrub
    Embar Bengaluru, India