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Festivals and special occasions are incomplete without lights. But what if you want to decorate your home or add some atmosphere with more than just fairy lights and diyas? Now you can lend an elegant and season-friendly touch to your home with lovingly etched candles courtesy Either Orr. Each candle is a work of art, from this studio run by bon vivant, Shruti Saha. The candles are intricately etched, mimicking the detailing of mehendi art and are designed to burn down through the middle, while leaving an outer wax shell - so they glow from within. Her latest collection is all about spreading the cheer of the Christmas season. Light up the chilly nights, and have cozy family dinners, with candles bearing colourful icons in red and green. Take Santa home or add a sparkle with candles featuring stockings, reindeers, bells, angels and bright green trees festooned with red. Either Orr candles also make for a perfect gift for colleagues, family and friends. And we can assure you that your thoughtful gift will light up the lives of those who matter most to you.

About The Artist

"Create vibrant lifestyles, appealing ambiances and memorable gifting experiences… with the magic of our candles! EitherOrr is an exclusive handcrafted candle range inspired by the art of Indian Mehendi. With a sharp focus on designs that appeal to both sense and sensibilities, the product range is carefully curated and is focused on creating an exceptional range."

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  • Krishna Hollow Candles

    Krishna Hollow Candles
    EitherOrr Bangalore, India
  • Elephant Hollow Candle

    Elephant Hollow Candle
    EitherOrr Bangalore, India
  • Falun Dafa Lotus Hollow Candle

    Falun Dafa Lotus Hollow Candle
    EitherOrr Bangalore, India
  • Auto & Cycle Rickshaw Hollow Candles

    Auto & Cycle Rickshaw Hollow Candles
    EitherOrr Bangalore, India