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A little bit about your brand: East-Indians (TM) as a brand brings to the fore the uniqueness of East Indian products. The East Indians of Bombay are the native community of Bombay who is known for their cultural attire, cuisine, song, and music. The most famous is, without doubt, the East-Indians (TM) Bottle Masala, a unique blend of 32 different spices, making this a versatile mixed powdered spice, that brings out a great taste and a delectable aroma to a dish, be it Meat, Fish or vegetables

About The Artist

A little bit about your brand: East Indian Community of Bombay has a lot to offer to the world at large. A simple start is to share our food...or at least the key ingredient to our delicious dishes.

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  • East Indians Bottle Masala

    East Indians Bottle Masala
    East-Indians Mumbai, India
  • East Indians Chinchauni Masala

    East Indians Chinchauni Masala
    East-Indians Mumbai, India
  • East Indians Indal Masala

    East Indians Indal Masala
    East-Indians Mumbai, India
  • East Indians Temcherose Masala

    East Indians Temcherose Masala
    East-Indians Mumbai, India