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About The Studio

Dookdi means 'a pair’. It is about a pair, which is similar, but not always same…just like a couple. Dookdi makes wearable forms, which are inclined towards slight distortion playing with order-disorder, symmetry-asymmetry and celebrating and enhancing the duality, which exists in anything organic. Pieces carry hint of the identity of the creatures they are inspired from. Each piece has its own unique identity and even in a ‘pair’ one is different than the other. They are similar but not same, just like a couple. Leaving them, Raw and rustic each piece is uniquely handcrafted and experimental in form and texture.

About The Artist

I am Jinal Patel, a sculptor with keen interest in various disciplines. I draw, sculpt, and make installations, do photography and travel. I do believe in wearing something, which reflects my personality. The wearable forms I started making were an extension of my love and excessive curiosity about insects. I used to replicate insects in epoxy and paint them the way they are, just to know them more. I thought why not make them as earrings so that it could be worn and gifted to my sister every day a new one. Later I turned to soft metals and I enjoyed the abstraction it lead to.

Products From The Artist

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  • Keeda Series - Tortoise Beetle

    Keeda Series - Tortoise Beetle
    Dookdi ahmedabad, India
  • Fauna series-Leaf Tailed Gecko

    Fauna series-Leaf Tailed Gecko
    Dookdi ahmedabad, India
  • Fauna series-sword like leaf

    Fauna series-sword like leaf
    Dookdi ahmedabad, India
  • Beeja Series - Carmichaelia pods

    Beeja Series - Carmichaelia pods
    Dookdi ahmedabad, India