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About The Studio

Ever tried to read a shampoo or soap label? Been curious enough to see what your household cleaner or everyday deo contains? Chances are your harmless dish-cleaning liquid or body soap contains chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and toxic additives that you have never heard of - and can barely pronounce. But what if there was a simpler, natural, healthier, gentler alternative? With Common Oxen there is. We have spent over five dedicated years researching safe and effective raw materials, and sourcing and formulating with the finest of them. We have striven to balance effectiveness, therapeutic benefits, experience and cost."

About The Artist

Common Oxen was started by Delara Damania, in 2011, to make families and homes safer. The company offered a wide-range of products made with carefully sourced ‘clean’ ingredients, like neem, ragi, rose, honey, turmeric and milk, that are labeled honestly. The Common Oxen product line is luxurious yet minimal in its approach to packaging and in its composition. Delara, is a design graduate, and has put in over 5 years of research to create products that are made of the best botanical extracts, minerals, therapeutic herbs and other raw materials that are safe for your skin, laundry, home and the environment.

Products From The Artist

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  • BODY - Cloudburst

    BODY - Cloudburst
    CommonOxen Bangalore, India
  • BODY - Dewy

    BODY - Dewy
    CommonOxen Bangalore, India
  • BODY - Neem Sheen

    BODY - Neem Sheen
    CommonOxen Bangalore, India
  • BODY - Shed The Dead

    BODY - Shed The Dead
    CommonOxen Bangalore, India