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About The Studio

In summer of 2015, we started creating small goodies from leather for our close ones. They loved our products & pushed us to startup. In the process, we gained knowledge about various types of leather & other luxurious materials like silk, made contacts with tanneries who can supply us fine quality leather & bought some basic tools needed to craft leather products. We hired day labors who could help us craft our ideas in numbers & it all took off from there. We're slowly moving towards creating upscale products, importing raw hide from various parts of the globe, procuring YKK zippers, buying felt & silk sarees to fuse with our leather designs, to create something different & sturdy. Each piece we create is different & handcrafted, with minimal usage of machines. Despite being handcrafted, we take utmost care that each product has a fine finish.

About The Artist

Our founder Minal Samar, was the lead designer in a 60 year old jewellery firm, designing high-end diamond jewellery. Soon, she felt limited & tied up with designs she could make because of high-cost risk involved. So she chose to start her own luxury brand & decided to start with a less risky yet luxurious & useful – Leather.

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