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About The Studio

At Black Baza Coffee, we believe that the coffee tastes best when you can taste the forest in your cup! This is why all our coffee is grown sans chemical pesticides and under the immense canopy of forest trees. We roast a diversity of high elevation washed Arabicas, natural and sun-dried Arabica cherries as well as Robustas from lower elevations. This means that our coffees have a deep and intense flavour profile that retains the uniqueness of each of the regions from the Western Ghats from where this coffee comes. We contend that ecology shapes your cup in profound and magical ways! The idea of Black Baza Coffee did not come from us at all. It came from coffee growers themselves and it was the idea of creating a local, participatory and meaningful movement for coffee - starting with India and hopefully elsewhere as well. The idea of Black Baza Coffee holds within it a want for an alternative - a production and market system which values producers and nature equally.

About The Artist

Our office consists of rough-around-the-edges revolutionaries - scattered between Bangalore and BR Hills, India. Morning coffee is a Pour Over brewed with beans from leftovers - samples of new coffees we are trying out. By the afternoon our bloom is more precise. The bakery next door makes the best eggs puffs ever so those are consumed as part of our refined coffee pairing experiments. In the early evenings as rain beats down on rain, a chart paper is fashioned on to the tabletop. Mind maps are drawn, redrawn and reviewed. Where are we going and how can we get there in the most democratic way?

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  • Wanderoo

    BlackBazaCoffeeCo Bangalore, India
  • Ficus

    BlackBazaCoffeeCo Bangalore, India
  • Whistling Schoolboy

    Whistling Schoolboy
    BlackBazaCoffeeCo Bangalore, India