Biomimic Theory

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About The Studio

Biomimic Theory makes handcrafted and durable resuable alternatives to disposable plastics. We want to make 'Carrying Your Own' a new trend and so worked hard on product aesthetics.

About The Artist

Shwetha Parshi & Naveen Gowda started Biomimic Theory together few months ago after being disturbed from the stink and discomfort from burning garbage. They wanted to change the attitude of people and create alternatives that would reduce waste generated. They ensured that their products are made from eco friendly products and that products are handcrafted from rural artists who are paid fair wages.

Products From The Artist

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  • Biotle Water Bottle - 500ml

    Biotle Water Bottle - 500ml
    BiomimicTheory Bangalore, India
  • Bio-Array Wooden Travel Cutlery

    Bio-Array Wooden Travel Cutlery
    BiomimicTheory Bangalore, India
  • Fab Array - Color Strip

    Fab Array - Color Strip
    BiomimicTheory Bangalore, India
  • Fab Array - Space Blue

    Fab Array - Space Blue
    BiomimicTheory Bangalore, India