Big Yellow Taxi

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About The Studio

Personally crafted accessories that range from cushion covers to hand made candles…Lampshades and jewellery…bohemian colours and textures that add a pop of colour & drama to any space. Yes the agenda here is to create drama…lets give them something to talk about…

About The Artist

I like putting together delicious bits of colour and texture that inspire me. A crazy love for fabrics, and other little bits and bobs of everything drag me through the by lanes of Shivaji Nagar and Avenue Road looking for inspiration.The detailing in colour and design are little pieces of me in every piece that I create. My work is a reflection of me…walking through the spice markets of Kerala or the Vegetable markets of Laban, Shillong every bit of information that my mind processes eventually sees its way into my work. I enjoy bringing the beauty of day to day objects into my designs as i passionately gather twine, thread and rope from my travels.

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