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About The Studio

A 20 something girl experimenting with DIY projects stumbled pon the simplicity and elegance of concrete and led to BAKSA. The name Baksa is formed from the first alphabets of my loved ones. I make concrete home decor products and want to let everyone know that the boring grey concrete can be interesting and a style statement in your space.

About The Artist

I am a Mechanical Engineer by degree but an artist at heart. Currently, I am pursuing my higher studies but BAKSA is a piece of my heart. My love for simple and elegant products led me to experimentation with various products, from which concrete seemed perfect to me. I soon realized I need to share my craft with the world and this led to the foundation of Baksa.

Products From The Artist

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  • Minimal Concrete Ashtray

    Minimal Concrete Ashtray
    Baksa Ahmednagar, India
  • Cactus magnet Pack of 2

     Cactus magnet Pack of 2
    Baksa Ahmednagar, India
  • Cupcake Fridge Magnets

    Cupcake Fridge Magnets
    Baksa Ahmednagar, India
  • Heart push pins (set of 20)

    Heart push pins (set of 20)
    Baksa Ahmednagar, India