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About The Studio

The ArtByAarohi Collection is inspired from original art that was created by our artist/designer Aarohi Singh. All the pieces are limited edition in nature or more often than not - one of a kind. All these bags are one of a kind and may not be possible to duplicate again even on order. About The Poonchh Collection - 'The Poonchh Collection' is an endeavour to help out and not give a hand out. 50% of all profits in perpetuity from the sale of this collection will go to support stray and abandoned dogs. The proceeds from this collection will go to 'The Voice of Stray Dogs'

About The Artist

When Aarohi puts brush to canvas, it explodes into colours as vibrant as her personality and as bold as her thoughts – resplendent vermilion sings a duet with parrot green, ripe-mango yellow dances a tha-ri-ki-ta with monsoon-sky purple, peacock blue unabashedly couples with mithai pink. To anyone who has seen her work, it is clear that what informs, influences, and inspires her work is, literally, all around her – her country India. Like India, Aarohi’s work defies and resists pigeonholing. She does not limit herself to any one kind of canvas – apart from paper and fabric, she has painted on walls, lamps, kettles, furniture and automobiles. There are artists and there are artists, and then there are thinking artists, and Aarohi very clearly belongs in the last category. Very seldom does she create art for art’s sake – her art usually expresses a strong idea or carries an underlying message, and is often a response to what is happening in the world around her.

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