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About The Studio

Aroha is a brand of honest and delightful personal care products. We use nature’s best ingredients in their purest form to make products that will absolutely love and protect your body. We also don’t test our products animals and design them to have minimum carbon footprint. In the long run we want to enable all our customers to live in harmony with nature.

About The Artist

Nutan M. Nagarbale Co-Founder & MasterChef Nutan was supplied with an overdose of Omega 3 supplements to her right brain at birth. Since then she has been a creative junkie. Not the worst kind of junkie you can be huh? Bored by her day job as an HR manager, she decided to indulge her creativity on an empty canvas five years back and there has been no looking back since then. Now she wears 3 hats everyday. She wakes up at 4am everyday to paint, spends the day as an HR consultant while building Aroha the whole time. She is also currently pursuing a bachelors degree in fine arts… Phew... And you thought wonder woman exists only in the DC universe.

Products From The Artist

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  • Elixir - Deep penetrating hair oil with Moroccan Argan

    Elixir - Deep penetrating hair oil with Moroccan Argan
    Aroha Bangalore, India