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About The Studio

ARIRO is a wooden toy company that obliges in building a brighter society and better toys. We at Ariro design each toy as if we are designing it for our own kin. We use Montessori principles as our basic guidebook and develop each toy around it. We strive to select the best materials like neem, beech and pine wood. Rural Artisans are used to obtain a wholesome product. Our focus is streamlined towars Infants and Toddlers (0 to 3 years). A child from this plane is capable of absorbing everything from his environment. For a child who is like a sponge needs good developing aids around the environment. The toys offered to them should be safe and purposeful. The toys should grow with them, keep them engaged and keep them away from television and gadgets. Our team supports you on a minimal level, helping you raise a healthy baby in today's confusing reality.

About The Artist

Ariro was born alongside the birth of our baby. We the cofounders, Nisha (A Montessori teacher) and Vasanth (an Entrepreneur), had our baby girl in the year 2016. We always had an inclination towards giving her a very Montessori environment for her development. It started with making homemade mobiles that she could look at.

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  • Ariro Bell Rattle

    Ariro Bell Rattle
    Ariro Chennai, India
  • Ariro Circular rattle with mushroom

    Ariro Circular rattle with mushroom
    Ariro Chennai, India
  • Ariro Tree Stacker

    Ariro Tree Stacker
    Ariro Chennai, India
  • Ariro Montessori First Puzzle Set

    Ariro Montessori First Puzzle Set
    Ariro Chennai, India