Green chilli pickle

Shelf life : 45 days
A traditional family recipe brought to life with seasonal green chillies, made without oil


Color: Green

Size / Dimension: 100gms



Shelf life : 45 days
A traditional family recipe brought to life with seasonal green chillies, made without oil

Title: Green chilli pickle

Color: Green

Size / Dimension: 100gms

Time of Delivery: 5 Business days

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Millet Amma is a home grown food start up in the natural, organic and vegan food category. Our recipes are for every one in the family to eat healthy on an everyday basis - we provide healthy alternatives to food that is consumed on an everyday. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced, we take good care during preparations and we use eco friendly packaging to the extent possible. We are strong believers in the 'You are what you eat' approach to food. Built on the back of our ancient grain, Millet Amma is a return to our roots. A return to the healthy food habits of our ancestors and a way of life that transcends time. As children wait in anticipation for their second helping of a dosa unlike any they’ve tasted before; and grandmothers, pause in wonder contemplating what it could be that makes the dosa's so crisp, while snacking on their morning ragi cookies; we’re rekindling a love for our heritage food. A farmer’s labour of love brings to you the harvest of a land that stands the test time. A land nurtured to produce only the best quality of ingredients. Soil that was once disregarded for cultivation is now revived to renew a farmer’s faith in his land. And we, hold dear this love and toil, sourcing all our ingredients from only organic, Fairtrade distributors. It comes full circle at home in the Millet Amma kitchen. Nutrition, flavour and the satisfaction of knowing that we’re making a small difference in everyone’s life. Designed to reawaken taste buds young and old alike, the Millet Amma range of products offers all a chance at a tastier and healthier way of life. Millet Amma, health mein fit, taste mein hit.


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