Green Bali and Bracelet 2

Green Bali and Bracelet 2


Color: Green

Size / Dimension: Standard


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Green Bali and Bracelet 2

Title: Green Bali and Bracelet 2

Color: Green

Size / Dimension: Standard

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Contributor Since: Jun 2, 2016

Founded in 2008 in India by Dakshayini Gowda, SANCHALI is a studio that makes sculptural and garment-based designs that revolve around ideas of sustainability and self-sufficiency. Using materials that reference her immediate surroundings, she makes designs that are intricate and sentimental.‘Sanchali’ means movement in Sanskrit. It is a movement towards encouraging ethically conscious and sustainable livelihood framework in traditional arts and crafts teamed with contemporary aesthetics to create authentic, one-of-a-kind designs. It was founded on the idea that socially responsible work conditions and environmental considerations aren’t just trends, but a way of the future.


    Bali - Purple
    Triple Bar Ring
    Lotus - Clip-on Nosepin
    Inner Fire


    Apoorva pathak Krupa thakkar Neeti sahi Monalisa saha 3+


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