Do I need to register to shop on Unfactory.in?

Forced registrations are a pain. At Unfactory, we let you choose how you want to shop:
             i) Check out as a guest – We don’t force you to register / login. Just give us the required details as to where you would like to receive your shipment and we are fine with it. We will just ship it there. A pity that you might have to repeat this each time you shop. Nonetheless, it works fine.
            ii) Social Login – You are familiar and comfortable with your facebook&google accounts. Go ahead and use them to login at the time of purchase. We will store your shipping details for ease-of-use in the future. We won’t post on your social accounts at any point without you doing it.
            iii) Register on Unfactory.in – It only takes a few minutes. Or, maybe few seconds. We won’t spam you with mails or sell your details to make that extra buck. We will only store this to communicate to you on exciting things / deals that happen on Unfactory.in. And, of course, it makes the process of checking-out easier when we don’t have to ask you for the same details repeatedly. Time-after-time. It is important to note that any customer who makes a transaction on unfactory.in irrespective of the modes of check out mentioned above will have an account created by default. Which means to say that even if you have checked-out as a guest, there is an account created on your behalf with the necessary credentials mailed to you. We feel it is important to let you access your entire transaction history that you might want to access at any point of time. Also, this is an useful way for you to explore and exploit the full power of unfactory.in for you including use saved shipping addresses, track your order status at a single place.

I bought a product. I still have not received the product?

Oops! That’s not how our systems have been designed. There must be something missing and we don’t like it as much as you do. Just send out a mail to our colleagues at customer.support@unfactory.in and we will just sort things out at the earliest.

How do I pay for my purchase?

To pay for your purchase, just enter your credit card details or pick from a host of options to pay directly through your respective bank accounts (netbanking). We have made efforts to include a huge list of banks through our payment gateway partners. In case, you are looking at paying through a specific bank you are a customer of, and, don’t see it in the list of options, do intimate us at customer.support@unfactory.in and we will attempt to get them included as well.

Why don’t you have Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Setting up a Cash on Delivery (COD) system involves a lot of work. It otherwise means additional cost. And, this cost has to be borne by you. We both appreciate to get the products at the right value and not pay for the frills associated with it.

When I received my product, I didn’t like it. Can I return it?

Well, we would love to give you that option. Unfortunately can not. Unfactory’s communities of sellers are independent artists who put in a lot of effort into making their products. Since these are not mass-produced, it becomes difficult to cancel orders. Also, we discourage our artists from selling their products through other channels with an exclusivity clause just to ensure buyers like you receive the product that you want instead of having a message which says the product is not available.

How do I return a product?

We believe that you have made a well informed and thought through decision before placing an order. In case, you received the product in a damaged condition or a sizing issue, we would suggest you to intimate our team by dropping a mail to customer.support@unfactory.in. Do let us know your reason to return the product. Our colleagues will be more than happy to take it over from there and do the needful.

How do I track the shipping details for my purchase?

We will keep you updated on the status from the time you place an order till the time you receive the product. Our colleagues will stay in touch with you over email, SMS and even call you if need be. If in case you don’t think you have received timely communication about your product reaching you, feel free to write to us at customer.support@unfactory.in

How can I get in touch with the artist / seller directly?

At some point, we might allow you to network with our artists. Then, it becomes easy for you to reach out and engage in a discussion.

Can Icustomize the products I see listed on Unfactory?

Most of the products listed on Unfactory are already made and available in a ready-to-ship fashion. In case, you want to base your customization ideas on what is available, get in touch with our colleagues by writing in to customer.support@unfactory.in and provide your contact details. Our team will reach out to understand your requirements and discuss with our artists before making any commitment. We urge you to note that the customized products might end up costing more than the readily available products as well as take a longer duration to reach you.

Can I choose delivery dates?

We operate to fulfill certain commitments to deliver your products on-time. In the event you are not going to be available to receive your products at the time of delivery, we would recommend you to leave a note with our team by writing to customer.support@unfactory.in. We will try to accommodate your request if the product is not dispatched.

How do I get discounts?

We honestly don’t know how to answer this question. Particularly, on behalf of or our artists. We don’t know how to discount efforts to deliver the right product that adds value to your artistic appeal or enhances your lifestyle. Therefore, we don’t know what to discount – the product or the appeal. We might revisit this conversation another day.