If you are on this page, we expect you to have gone through the About Us section. For starters, we don’t want to chalk out specific roles and put up a sign that reads ‘We are Hiring’. Having said that, we would also like to give you clarity on the kind of people we would be interested in having a discussion with.

Curators / Merchandisers – We believe that people of this kind are very critical to be part of our team. While it might help if you have experienced working with larger established e-commerce firms, it might just enhance the value if you have tried to make things by yourself and sell. It need not be specific to any category / genre of products we sell. It just helps us understand your experience with craft.

Designers – There are many agencies and firms that hire designers. Some could pay a ransom and some leave it at being handsome. Having said that, we are not going to short change you on the monies you would be taking home compared to the other options available in the market. Before you consider reaching out to us for this position, we would want you to make a well informed decision. We don’t monitor what you are doing. And, our colleagues have dabbled in many creative fields and hence might be strong with their opinions when it comes to design. It doesn’t really help us if you have passed out of the best training program that has taught you your tools. What really matters to us is what your life experiences are and how much you understand audience and their motivation. We belive Design is a critical business success definer. You ought to remember that you are designing communication material to help other designers or creative souls like you and hence the demands of the platform can be high.

Front-end developers – There’s a line of code that can be borrowed from many online forums. However, they are limited to or based on other people’s experience and requirement. We might have our own challenges and limiatations. Hence, it becomes critcial that you understand the domain of our business, and therefore dish out code that actually works. The scenarios can be plenty and theres’s a new challenge everyday. What the job needs at Unfacatory is fresh thinking and not just a new site / forum to borrow code from. If you believe you are a coder from within, then, it might be worth your time initiating a dialogue with us.

Magento / PHP developers – They are all based on frameworks. And, we believe, it works better when these frameworks are implemented in the right spirit to make it work for our unique proposition. A part of the core of what we have to offer lies here, in this domain. At the same time, there are other things combined that offer full value of our proposition. If you like to watch the clock, just rely on borrowed code, it might not help you and us. What we would be happy to know about you is that you would want to teach us a trick or two. Not to worry, our colleagues will throw in adequate scenarios and challenges of which some of them might be baffling. You will be involved in helping us make critical decisions right from the architecture, database structure, server performance, and keeping the platform work at its most optimised level.

Customer Support – We love our communities of artists and buyers to be happy associating with us. We might have SLAs, but we would appreciate if you engage them for reference and think independently to make the community knitted and come back for more. Hence, it is important that you make key decisions on behalf of Unfactory just to ensure all the stakeholders are more than satisfied and would be willing to hit the ‘I am happy’ button. Prior experience on phone, chat or mail conversations are useful.

Logistics – Just shipping-in or shipping-out can make a work day feel dull. Similar to the way we have a plethora of options to navigate home, we believe in the same philosophy, when it comes to our products reaching the right place in a timely and optimised manner. There are times when we belive we can delight our stakeholders even if it needs us ferrying things around because it is on our way or it deserves that attention. Alternatively, there are other options of partners we could take help from…at times, some of the partners might not be on our list and we would encourage you to identify and assign the right one for the job.

Sales Coordinators – It might seem like it takes few calls for the day. While that is true, we also believe you control a significant amount of qualitative data. To begin with, you might be engaged to ensure the artists / creators are aware of the order and help them prepare to ship the same at the earliest. It might even need you to talk to someone seated somewhere within our office to ensure they have got it picked and are on the way to deliver the same as there is always a eagerly waiting customer to receive their product within a stipulated time. As you are doing your job, you can influence our colleagues across departments including marketing, logisits, customer support to be prepared for action based on the patterns you have recorded.

If you have been able to identify with our requirement, go ahead and let us know you are around, available and willing to be part of our unique team. We will get in touch with you to figue out the next steps.