Cancellations, Returns and Refund Policy is a platform that facilitates direct sales between artists / creators and collectors such as you. Most of the products sold by our artists are either handmade or produced with little help from machinery. At times, we do anticipate that the products displayed on can have slight variations in colour, shape and size when it reaches you. Our artists on as a platform constantly strive to deliver that perfect product as displayed…however, there could be few instances when these minor deviations could occur. Having said that, we would encourage you to consider these subtle / minor differences before thinking of a return. In the event, you feel that the product deems a must return condition, the following policy guidelines will apply for cancellations, refund and returns:

Wrong Product Shipped

In the event, you receive a product for which you didn’t place the order originally, you are entitled to cancel or claim a full refund for the product. You can do so by writing a mail to our colleagues at within 3 days of receiving the product and provide the following details:
                       i) Order Number
                       ii) Your Name
                      iii) Your email ID (used at the time of shopping)
                      iv) Mobile Number (provided at the time of shopping)
                      v) Providing us details of what went wrong with the order
When a wrong product is shipped, we want you to make note that you have the option to ask for the actual product at no extra shipping cost. If you opt for this, we will ensure to deliver the right product to you. All you need to do is just hand over the wrong product to our delivery person (in an un-used condition). If you are not convinced with this option, you do have the right to claim for a refund.

Damaged Products

Well, nobody likes to receive damaged or broken goods. We are with you on this completely. In case, you receive a product in damaged condition, go ahead and feel free to flag it off to our colleagues at within 3 days of receiving a product in a damaged condition. Having said that, we want you to bear in mind that the damage could have occurred during transit and none of our sellers would have intentionally sent you a damaged product. Our moment of pride comes when you actually use and show off your newly acquired artistic creation.

Non-delivery of the Product

You have placed the order and you have not received it within the committed time. And, nobody from our team got in touch with you to appraise you of delays, if there were any. Under this circumstance, you deserve a full refund of your order value. Go ahead and reach out to our colleagues at and we will do the needful. Make sure you write to us within 3 days of the original committed delivery date.
Alternatively, since these products are not mass-produced and are not necessarily available elsewhere, you have the right to opt for re-delivery of the same. We will check for availability of the product (subject to availability with the artist), and ensure to deliver to you at no extra shipping costs. If not, we provide you the right for a full refund.

Cancellations & Returns

TWhile we believe you have made a well-informed decision before making the purchase on, we believe the room for cancellations to be low. Moreover, you are buying goods from independent artists who adhere to our exclusivity policy to ensure the products you choose to buy are available at the requiredtime. Add to this, some of the artists might just put in that extra work to make products available only for you. Keeping this in mind, we discourage you from cancelling your order with the following considerations for exemption:
                      i) Orders will not be allowed for cancellation, if the products are already dispatched at the artists’ end and are in transit mode through our logistics partners
                      ii) I’ve changed my mind – We all go through a change of mind. However, as a platform serving to connect independent artists (who don’t mass produce goods) and consumers like you, it would be difficult for us to accommodate cancellation requests based on ‘I’ve changed my mind’ as a reason. Having said that, if your reason to cancel is strong enough and is supported by our refunds policy, we would be happy to help you out. Honestly, the artists suffer and we wouldn’t want that to be the reason.
                      iii) Can I really cancel? – Yes, you can cancel your orders, provided the change of mind happens within 24 hours from the time of placing the order. If you are seriously reconsidering the artistic product and the value it adds to you, go ahead and drop a mail to our colleagues at and provide the following details:
                      a. Order Number
                      b. Your Name
                      c. Your email ID (used at the time of shopping)
                      d. Mobile Number (provided at the time of shopping)
                      e. Your comments citing the reason to cancel (this might provide an insight and help us avoid such situations from occurring in the future.)

Returning a product

Returning products once bought takes a lot of effort and resources to reach it back to the source. As a platform established to facilitate direct transactions between independent artists and buyers, the workload just increases to facilitate such requests. However, we do believe there are genuine reasons for someone to refuse the product that got delivered and could have a strong reason to return the same. The process of returning a product will be governed by both our cancellation and refund policy guidelines. If and only when you strongly feel a need to return a product you purchased through, we request you to write to 3 days of receiving the same. Our team will have a need to speak to you in person to understand your concerns and as deemed fit can agree to accept a return beyond the reasons mentioned in our policy for cancellation, returns & refund. Depending on the reason, there could be return-shipping charges leviable to you as applicable and the same would be communicated to you in person and in writing.

Mode of Refund

Electronic Transfers

All transactions that are verified, validated and approved for a refund based on our policies will be routed back through the same mode you had used to pay us. For instance, you had used your credit card to pay for the transactions, your refund will be paid via the same credit card. We urge you to note that the payment will be refunded within 7-10 working days from the time it has been approved by our teams / representatives.

Refund against purchases made using gift cards / vouchers

You could have shopped on using Unfactory’s proprietary gift cards or vouchers. The payments for the purchases could be made partly through the gift card / voucher and partly through other modes of payment. In this scenario, it is important for you to note, that any refund applicable based on the causes mentioned above, the full value refund as valid, will only be made through a wallet or on-hold system on our site. Any request to make the refund through other modes including cash payouts, bank transfers, will be considered invalid and will not be entertained. This is applicable for all payments made fully through the gift card / voucher or payments made using a combination of gift card / vouchers along with other accepted modes of payment including credit card, net banking, debit card et al.