Supriya Sehgal
Lonely Planet Trotter. Ink Slinger. Mutt Lover. Travelling Sunshine.

By the People is an interactive series where we bring you the most prodigious individuals from different walks of life. In this edition, we bring you a girl from Dehradun with wings on her feet and the heart of a gypsy, and her very merry picks from the Unfactory collection.

Unfactory: By the People - Supriya Sehgal

Close your eyes and think of the coolest Volkswagen camper you have ever set your heart on. Imagine if it were to morph in to human form, sprout a nomadic pair of carefree legs in place of alloy wheels, price open a pair of sparkly gypsy eyes that outshine the little stone on its nose-pin, and let down a sultry whirl of wavy dark tresses. Now open your eyes, and behold the gregarious, free-spirited, immensely talented, well-heeled and infectiously sunny, Supriya Sehgal.

After a five year long stint in the world of apparel, Supriya followed her heart and moved on to more soulful pursuits in the world of travel. She has been at the helm for numerous immersive travel companies and projects ever since, but is most comfortable on the road for long durations, writing books and articles for various national and international publications. Till date, Supriya has contributed to over 30 Lonely Planet Guidebooks and is looking to stop only when she hits a century.

Unfactory: By the People - Supriya Sehgal, Travel Writer & Consultant.

On an average, she travels nearly 250 days in a year! Supriya loves soaking in the culture, festivities and quirky nuances of every village and city she visits – later narrating those innumerable tales in the form of blogs, vlogs, social media updates, newspaper articles, online features and traveller friendly guide books. Be it Copenhagen, Mahe, Jodhpur, Chattisgarh, Taipei, Kerala, Canada, Amritsar or Varanasi. She is the kind of kindred spirit who will cross the road to pet a random pooch, or strike up a conversation with the cabbie or the local town folk over a cup of tea.
To know about her work, you can visit her website here.

Supriya’s Picks:

Call them mutts, pooches, tykes, strays, flea-bags, tail-waggers, pups, critters, coochie-poos, man’s best friend, whatever. I love dogs. On the road and off it. Period. In fact, I’d love one in my pocket!☺

Mug aur Mooch - Notebook - Dog Series - Poodle
Notebook – Poodle (Dog Series)

Believe it or not, I’ve never even a worn a watch. Maybe, I’ll explore wearing a bracelet, for a change. Well, why not?

Unfactory: The Jewellery Project - 925 Sterling Silver Filigree Cuff.
Filigree Cuff Bangle in 925 Sterling Silver

A shawl. Always carry one on me. No matter where I go. And as you can see, I go, a lot.

Unfactory: Toda Weaves -Traditional Poothkuli Shawl.
Toda Weaves – Traditional Poothkuli Shawl

I find the idea of this upholstered trunk quite unique. Makes for a great side furniture for the living room.

Unfactory: Hand painted and Upholstered Trunks by Studio SMU.
Studio SMU – Handmade Upholstered Trunks.

And I pick this pecky threesome. To mark this year as the one I actually started recognizing some birds in.

Unfactory: Chatur Chidiyaa - Fridge Magnets.
Chatur Chidiyaa – Fridge Magnets – Set of 3

This one’s pretty obvious. A luggage tag. And a bright one at that. I need one badly.

Unfactory: Toda Weaves - Luggage Tag.
Toda Weaves – Luggage Tag

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