Priyadarshini Naidu.
Colour Pixie. Spellcaster. Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Bridemaker.

Unfactory: By the People - Priyadarshini Naidu

By the People is an interactive series where we bring you the most prodigious individuals from different walks of life. In this edition, we bring you a peek into the chimerical colour castle of Priyadarshini Naidu, Bangalore’s much loved make-up pixie, and her frolicsome picks from the Unfactory collection.

Four years ago, Preeya (that’s her professional moniker) set aside her seven year old corporate career wings and put on a magical new pair of pinions that has since taken her places, across cities and all over the country, as a professional make-up artist.

Heard that theory of the universe conspiring to bring you all that you sincerely wish for, right from your childhood days? Well, that is indeed true, affirms Preeya who is today rated among the Top 20 bridal make-up artists in Bangalore, right up there with the who’s who of the make-up world, including her own guru in, celebrity professional Gouri Kapur.

Working out of her studio in Rajajinagar, with an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology tucked under her wings, she travels the length and breadth of the country on work, and finds incessant happiness in being a part of the biggest day of every girl’s life. And not just a part, but the most integral one at that. Never one to miss an industry trend, she reminisces fondly about bygone days when she avidly read every beauty magazine and newsletter she could lay her hands on as a school girl. That passion stayed on, and to this day, she finds joy in exploring what’s hot, what’s not – and putting together a lifetime of knowledge gathered and her expertise into the making of the happy – read drop-dead-gorgeous and breathtakingly radiant – bride. Simply put, she is every bride’s best friend.

When she is not adorning the spell caster’s role, this beautiful bridemaker is busy leading an idyllic cosmopolitan life, spending quality time with family and her little one, Matsya, and sneaking out time for temple visits and brunch dates with her favourite girl pals.

Preeya’s Picks:

Ask her to make a beautiful lady out of the hardest wood or the most crumbly sugar paste, and she probably would surprise you with a stunner, for a fine artist and true lady she is at heart! Small wonder her Unfactory faves are all equally lady-like…

Ruby red…Long dress…Chic detailing at the back. Do I need more reasons to lay my hands on it? Undoubtedly my first grab!

Red Maxi Dress by Dori
Red Maxi Dress by Dori

My plain black kurta needs exactly these two for pairing. Hey, I even like the model wearing the teal jhumkas! Just saying ☺

Silk Shibori Scarf by Umoya.
Silk Shibori Scarf
Earrings / Jhumka from Sanchali.
Teal Jhumka

I love memories and I must confess, I am a proud owner of so many souvenirs of remembrance – my school badge, that Slam Book from the 10thGrade, pictures of my ugly teenage days (of course that, I do not wish anyone else to see), my college ID, a letter of appreciation I received while at my first job, pictures of annual days at schools and colleges…lots more. And for all that, this trunk has got to be the best keep-sake box!

Unfactory: Hand painted and Upholstered Trunks by Studio SMU.
Hand Painted & Upholstered Trunks

Girls…pssst! Here’s exactly what we need to cover some flab. Thank you God, you are so very kind. But yes, I promise to start working out from Monday.

Unfactory: Pink Cape by Dori
Pink Cape by Dori

I would love to use this as a snack bowl. Would look perfect on my white glossy Veneer table.

Unfactory: Papier Mache Bowl by Diya Innovation.
Copper Finish Paper Mache Bowl

A perfect gifting option for my 87 year old grand-mom. The child in her would be delighted to re-visit this piece now.

Ancient Games - Pagade / Chausar
Pagade or Chausar

I love my picks, and I hope you like them too ☺

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