Christobelle Joseph.
Mother. Writer. Learner. Gardener.

By the People is an interactive series where we bring you the most prodigious individuals from different walks of life.

unfactory-btp-christobelle-josephIn this edition, we present Christobelle Joseph, as she gives us a brisk run-through of her life and preferred picks from the Unfactory collection.

Christobelle is a lover of all things different. And classic. And nothing in between.

When she isn’t on duty as mother to her three children, Christobelle writes on food and has her own parenting column (thanks to all the parents that have made common sense, uncommon).

Christobelle was born curious and has been a questioner of all things, wearing down family and then strangers, even as a little child. Much has changed since then – she’s got more subtle at it. Journalism helps too. Learning excites her almost as much as teaching, and that’s another role she plays at ACTS, an NGO, where she gives time a few times a week. Learning continues on her roof-top, as she works at being an old-style farmer, but with pots.

So food, a roof-top garden, three kids, one husband, and some time to sow into the rest of the world is what makes up her day.

Unfactory, with its grasp on the different and the classic, is, naturally, a site that interests her. She loves that the products are i) handmade, ii) intelligent, iii) useful, and iv) beautiful, and these are her top picks.

Christobelle’s Picks:

This beautiful, geometric book! It’s got colour and is minimalistic. And with that cover, no one will know if you’re sketching a bored panda or writing a lethal poem.

Unfactory: Black Atom Sequin Notebook by Mug aur Mooch.
Black Atom – Sequin Notebook
This would look great on my daughter. I’ve moved out of that segment. Parenting tip: Daughters can help realise unfilled dreams – only when it comes to shoes and clothes.
Unfactory: Ilkal Cotton 'Box Dress' by Dori.
Box Dress by Dori
Beautifully-handcrafted with clean finish and attention to detail.  I am a cool colours lover, but this red piece just caught my eye. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, and can transform me into a thing of elegance quite quickly.
Unfactory: Fabric Neckpiece from the Varanasi Collection by Sanchali.
Tiny Tubes – Textile Neckpiece

Always loved the Toda weave. And this is a canny piece of that art.

Unfactory: Key Chain with Toda Weaves of the Nilgiris.
Toda Weaves – Key Chain

I don’t know what I’d put in it, but boxes are so lovely!

Unfactory: Handpainted and Upholstered Metal Trunks by Studio SMU.
Lil Boy – Handmade Upholstered Trunk

Hope you love exploring Christobelle’s picks as much as we did!

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