Bindu Madhavi.
Soul soother. Fitness fixer. Iron willed single mom. A true teacher at heart.

Bindu Madhavi demonstrating a yoga pose.By the People is an interactive series where we bring you the most prodigious individuals from different walks of life. In this edition, we present to you Bindu Madhavi, who has withstood the test of time only to be led by her heart.

If you are in the circle of yoga trainers, you would agree that Bindu Madhavi needs no introduction.

Bindu’s calling in life to teach yoga came along a few decades ago when she was training to become a teacher at ‘The Teacher Foundation’. There was a moment where she stared blank at the crossroads unknowing of what she wanted to teach. Being a student herself, she realised that she wants to teach one thing that she will never wear out of…and lo, she recalled her love for yoga which made her travel 24 kilometres each day to learn and practice yoga.

Bindu Madhavi demonstratiing the Bakasana on a wall.

The more she learnt and practiced, Bindu caught herself immersing in the techniques of yoga where she inherently visualised every asana she saw being performed, she could think, or dream of. The more she indulged in this form, she realised that yoga is a way to connect with oneself and the environment around. Thus began her teaching endeavour.

Bindu Madhavi demonstrating an asana. Bindu Madhavi practising an asana.

In her quest for her passion, the support she received from her family members and her children, gave the much-needed confidence to prove that the status of a single mother doesn’t stop any individual in pursuing and fulfilling their dreams.

Being a person with varied encounters and experiences, Bindu treasures and abides by an advice she received – “Live one day well, and forget that day. There’s a brand new day ahead.”

Today, Bindu is an accomplished yoga teacher well-known for her strength and flexibility. If you take some time off, visit her studio in North Bangalore.

Read along to find out Bindu’s favourite picks from the Unfactory collection and match it with your list.

Bindu’s list of favourites:

This is a fabulous set of silver collection. I personally love silver jewellery and the bigger picture I like to share is that when one wears silver it adds strength to your bones. And, Lotus is my favourite as its the symbol of meditation.

The Jewelry Project's Lotus Collection in Sterling Silver.
The Jewelry Project’s Padma from the Lotus Collection

Sarees are my all time favourite Indian attire. The one long piece of cloth that can be draped beautifully in many ways.

The Indian Sparrow's collection of handwoven cotton sarees.
Cotton Saree from The Indian Sparrow

Accessories for my ankles is always closer to my heart. Being a yoga teacher it adds beauty and strength to the back of my ankles and legs. This particular piece looks delicate and is desirable.

Dokra Anklet from the studio of Chanchal.
Handcrafted Dokra Anklet from Chanchal

We hope you enjoy going through Bindu’s compilation as much as we did.

13 thoughts on “By the People: Bindu Madhavi”

  1. U are my true you bindhu mam.I love the attitude & commitment towards yoga in you.I think u forgot one more thing to mention …..ur nose rings r awesome.

  2. She is a true Yoga Master ,I was wrong n always believed only people who were already in an average body weight can only practice yoga , she broke the myth and helped me believe that it’s all in the mind , body always listens to the will and inner strength , I have really reaped a lot of benefits being a part of her holistic yoga sessions . More than a routine she imbibes it in u like it’s a part of our life . Her lessons are Very inspiring to mind , body and soul ,she truly is one of my favourite Gurus who brought about some lifestyle changes by guiding me 👌👍👏💫 cheers Bindu 💐

  3. Every thing about bindu mam written above is 💯 true. She is real teacher for lessons of yoga and life too. Thank you and love u Bindu mam

  4. Bindu Mam is great teacher … you were the one who first inspired me to do yoga and i am really thankful for that .
    Thank you so much Bindu ji 😊🙏🏼

  5. A strong, respected and lovely woman to look upto.. Be it her yoga or her persona there is an aura of positivity and an amazing spirit.. This beautiful soul inspires many on various paths..

  6. This article is so true about her. She is really an inspiration to many of us. One of the very strong women I know. Absolutely strong at mind and heart about everything she does.

  7. The teacher who inspires people of all generations to reap the fruits of Yoga she can be the brand ambassador for India in yoga which is now reached all the corners of the world . Truly an inspiration to all her students , the perseverance, the honesty in which she teaches is truly a boon to this society we always cheer you as our inspiration guru hats off!! Great👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌👌👌👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  8. One of teacher ,friend and inspiration for her strength as an individual…and keep going ,no matter watever the situation is……love u for whatever you are …..I wish to see the lost love in your expression which I have been searching since years… all the people…take my words…not easy to achieve wat she has achieved being mother of two…
    wish to see you happy always.
    Bindu Ma’am..(epitome of strength)

    Love u ,
    Jai Jai jaiiiiiii Jagannatha Maha Prabhu..

  9. Salute to the lady with Big Heart. Your work speaks volume for you. I am lucky to be part of your class. Thanks for all your help and support.

  10. I met Bindu only for a short time in her Sahakaranagar studio. She is an amazing woman with a true passion for Yoga. She truly motivates and energizes you! It was wonderful meeting you! The article is so true YOU!
    Looking forward to visiting your studio again!
    Stay Blessed!
    Lots of love and light
    Anitha Vasisht

  11. Bindu madam is a true inspiration, i was lucky to be one of her students. She has the aura of grace, strength and compassion around her. Always enjoyed her class which left you with smile and energy. She was a cricketer too .. 😀

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