Touch, feel and shop for handcrafted goodness at the first ever ‘The Unfactory Pop-up’, in collaboration with Just Be Cafe, Sadashivnagar, and fashion designer Raj Shroff, the creator of the label ‘Ravage’.

The Unfactory Pop-up at Just Be Cafe, Bangalore.

We invite you to get up-close with the creations of Unfactory’s artist collaborators from a curated line up. Join in as they share stories that go into the making of unique and discerning creations.

The Unfactory Pop-up is hosted by Luvena Rangel, founder of The Curvy Yogi. During the event Luvena teams up with Sheetal from Curvylicious to present a workshop on Body Image & Confidence.

Adding to the excitement is the renowned dancer and national awardee Madhu Nataraj presenting an introductory note followed by a capsule presentation from her students aptly titled ‘Hands that Create’. Madhu Nataraj is also the founder of Natya & STEM Dance Kampni.

This two day event will also mark the launch of a range of sarees under the label ‘Curvylicious’ by Sheetal and Raj Shroff.

Be sure to mark your dates and be part of a one-of-a-kind event at The Unfactory Pop-up.


Glasshopper at The Unfactory Pop-up.Glasshopper is all about reviving the rare art of ‘Original Stained Glass’ (Tiffany style) in Bangalore. From sun catchers to jewellery to home & garden decor, you will find a stained glass beauty that is sure to pick your interest. When you are at The Unfactory Pop-up, make sure to meet the awe-inspiring Saarus, the creative force behind Glasshopper studios.



Chanchal at The Unfactory Pop-up.Classic ethnic meets contemporary chic in Chanchal’s eclectic array of accessories – laptop bags, multi-purpose duffels, totes, clutch bags, slings in all sizes, art and weaves made modern with a contemporary twist. Be sure to meet Chanchal and ask about her artisanal travel tales for you will see them come alive in her creations.

Motifs of the Earth

Motifs of the Earth at The Unfactory Pop-up.Nandita and Prajna – an illustrator & architect duo teamed up to start ‘Motifs of the Earth’ (MotE), an organic and eco-friendly travel accessory brand. Their love for travel, sustainable living, hard work and honesty, truly reflects in their collection. When you hold a MotE’s travel backpack or gear bags, you will feel a sense of free spiritedness in the products as well as the makers. Do cheer for them when you are at The Unfactory Pop-up!

Flames of the Forest

Flames of the Forest at The Unfactory Pop-up.When it comes to finding rare and semi-precious gems, jewellery designer & founder of Flames of the Forest – Mrinalini Cariarpa leaves no stone unturned. Browse through her collection of rarities waiting to be set in sterling silver for the discerning you. When you are at The Unfactory Pop-up, spot the table with an array of rare gems and pick your favourites.


Hand carved Soapstone planters from Greenhouse at The Unfactory Pop-up. Always been driven by creativity and design, this urban gardener has embarked on a journey to fill the living spaces with the joy of green. Shaping natural elements, Dileep creates exciting planters hand carved out of soap stone. If you are planning to turn your home in to a green one, you will surely find a thing or two that fits your garden, balcony, windows and other living areas from the studio of Greenhouse.


Jewellery and more from Kaisori at The Unfactory Pop-up. Kindled by a desire to travel, Emily of Kaisori has explored many nooks & corners of this vast country. During these myriad excusrions, the various avatars of Indian arts & crafts revealed itself to her in detail. Already in love with the many hues of India, Emily made it an affair to be part of a growing revolution and contribute to the revival and growth of the traditional arts & crafts.

Today, Emily collaborates with different artisans across folk genres and puts together a bouquet of offerings filled with rich narratives in their truest forms. Stop by to meet Emily at The Unfactory Pop-up and you are sure to find an something that is waiting to be re-discovered.

The Bubble Studio

The Bubble Studio at The Unfactory Pop-up.This is the story of an MBA graduate from XLRI with a successful corporate stint as an HR professional who decided to change tracks to pursue the ‘art of making’. Meet Reshma Subantur, founded The Bubble Studio with a simple philosophy of ‘nature, where it all began’. Reshma finds joy in creating new things each day and her biggest driving factor is the ability to experiment and learn continuously. Be it soap making or learning about skin & body types, Reshma doesn’t compromise on the effort needed to put The Bubble Studio beyond a hobby project and establish it as a serious business offering a range of all natural Bath & Body products.

Kavade Hive

Snakes and Ladders - Kavade Hive at The Unfactory Pop-up.These traditional games are like meeting good old friends. You can just pick up from where you left. Yes, just pick up and roll the dice for you will be transported to an era filled with nostalgic moments & sweet childhood memories. It is this timelessness that Sreeranjini, founder ‘Kavade Hive’ attempts to revive and pass it on to the future generations. Speak to her at The Unfactory Pop-up and she will tell you a tale or two of these classic games.

Maya’s Pottery

Maya's Pottery and Ceramic Ware at The Unfactory Pop-up.Maya is an enthusiastic potter inspired by elements of nature. From her childhood, Maya knew it was special to work with one’s hands and create magic. Her elite client list for bespoke ceramic works include Burj Al Arab, Table 9 Hilton and Etihad airways to name a few. She further mastered her skills during a 4 year apprenticeship with world’s leading ceramic artist Homa Farley. Stop by at The Unfactory Pop-up to experience the magic of hands that create with Maya’s Pottery.

And, there’s more to explore – Apparel from Dori, SOUL by Sowmya, Rajas and Indian Sparrow. Home & Garden accessories from Chatur Chidiyaa, Floft Studio & Lattu. A range of vegan skincare from Burst of Happyness. Statement jewellery from Sanchali and Madiha – Jaipur. Accessories from Art by Aarohi and Ziveli.

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