“The true wealth of a nation is not in its stored-up gold but in the intellectual and physical strength of its people.” – Sir CV Raman, Physicist.

As we celebrate India’s 71st Independence Day, we gathered few individuals to share their thoughts on the idea of freedom and being independent. Do join them and express your views on freedom and independence. #Sparks-of-Freedom

Happy Independence Day!

1. Garima – Other-wise

Garima - Otherwise

2. Joe Joseph INK INc

Joe Joseph - INK INc

3. Sarah Santamaria Diya Foundation (NGO)

Sarah Santamaria - Founder, Diya Innovations, an NGO

4. Carl Savio BlueBot Digital

Carl Savio - Chief Creative Officer, BlueBot Digital, Bangalore.

5. Prajna & Nandita Motifs of the Earth

Prajna & Nandita - Founders of Motifs of the Earth

6. Prashant Varma 220vofLove

Prashant Varma - Designer at 220VofLove

7. Selena Nunes Hope Song International

Selena Nunes - Founder Pit Stop & Hope Song International.

8. Nikhil Rudrappa Aroha Natural Products

NIkhil Rudrappa - Founder, Aroha Naturals

9. Nikita Vyas Dreamscape Studio

Nikita Vyas - Dreamscape Studio

10. Divya Handwork Studios

Divya from the Handwork Studio

11. Gayatri Ahem by Gayatri

Gayatri - Writer & Artist, Ahem by Gayatri

12. Pragati Lakra Woods and Petals

Pragati Lakra - Founder Woods & Petals.

13. Nidhi Mariam Jacob CariappaDiorama Design Studio

Nidhi Mariam Jacob Cariappa - Artist and founder at Diorama Design Studio.

14. Kirthana MuthyalaKirimoo

Kirthana Muthyala - Founder, Kirimoo

15. Shreya LohiaRajas

Shreya Lohia - Apparel Designer & Founder, Rajas

16. Nikita SatishDori Designs

Nikita Satish - Apparel Designer and founder, Dori Designs

17. Susan JohnA Sunny Disposition

Susan John - Founder, A Sunny Disposition

18. Anushri ChordiaMug aur Mooch

Anushri Chordia - Founder, Mug aur Mooch

19. Dakshayini GowdaSanchali

Dakshayini Gowda - Founder, Sanchali



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