Dashing to the nearest store to grab a twisty-pencil-and-sticky-notes gift set?
Or pairing a hurried note, with a rose pulled out of the office reception vase?
Doesn’t quite match up to the season’s spirit, does it?!

No worries ☺ we’ve got your back! With a handpicked repertoire of Secret Santa gifts, exclusively curated for you at unfactory.in.

Be it the office Groucho Marx, that super cute intern, your favourite mentor or tormentor, the jewellery fanatic, the art lover, the curio junkie, the drama queen, the bling thing, the shoe fetisher, the handbag hoarder, the mix and match gal, the romantic, the light of your life, the one who is playing with your mind, the big boss, or that classy team lead seated across the cubicle who has never once had a hair out of place. You can put together hampers too, for that very very important client, or that indispensable office buddy, or indeed, your most favourite person in the whole wide office… there’s a merry surprise in there for pretty much everyone on your list!

Have fun browsing and we promise to get your goodies delivered, wrapped in the season’s warmth.

Merry Christmas!

What a merry choice for a Xmas goodie bag! Perfect for lovers of bubbles and beer. And with a name like that, this one is bound to make even your biggest office groucho smile.

Burst of Happyness - Beer & Aloe Shampoo Bar
Beer ‘n’ Aloe Shampoo Bar

For the office Cleopatra, or psst… that secret crush you never got around to confess your love to. Never mind the name, this mask here can detoxify and how! Go ahead, charm the devil out of your worst office tormentor and have a great year ahead.

Burst of Happyness - Face Mask - Clay-O-Patra
Burst of Happyness – Clay-O-Patra

Taking her out for a Singapore Sling can wait! How about charming her with an uber cool cross body sling, this Xmas? Perfect for the office hottie, the cutie intern, or let’s just say, the girl who makes you go all weak-kneed!

A Sunny Disposition - Sling Bag
Sling Bag – Pink Checks

Delicate as petals. Free-spirited hippie. Or as bright as the big blue sea. For the office Miss Charming. Pick a chic one, will you?

Earthy Hues: Banana Fibre Curve Sling Bag
Banana Fibre Curve Sling Bag
New Leaf: Round Sling Bag
Round Sling Bag
Clovve: Midnight Indigo Sling Bag
Leather Sling Bag

For the creative soul. The dream maker. The mysterious one. Or, for the one who prefers to play with your mind. Art that’s equally intriguing.

Wall Art: Chess Prints – Prince
Wall Art - Chess Prints - Knight
Wall Art: Chess Prints – Knight
Wall Art: Chess Prints – Rook

A box to cherish all memories, for the buddy who has gifted you so many! A one of a kind upholstered trunk. Classic vintage meets contemporary chic. What can be more Xmas-y?!

Studio SMU: Hand painted and upholstered Trunks.
Hand painted & upholstered Trunk

May your wallets be full and clutches beautiful. And your thoughts, wistful! Merry Xmas!

Clovve: Genuine Leather Wallet.
Genuine Leather Wallet
Earthy Hues: Banana Fibre Clutch with Shibori.
Banana Fibre Clutch
Clovve: Leather Wristlet.

They say when a man’s stomach is full, it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor. We presume the same theory applies to little ones.

So here’s to some mealtime ‘n’ bed time Xmas fun. Club a pair of merry kiddie table mats with a super cosy toddler swing – and there – you have a thoughtful gift for new mas and pas in office!

Diorama Design: Table mats / Placemats
Hand painted Placemats
Otherwise: Baby / Toddler Swing.
Baby / Toddler Swing

The man’s got mettle. The girl’s got style. Purr-fect workwear combos for team mates, what say?!

Umoya: Silk Shibori Tie.
Silk Shibori Tie
Shaneel: Wern - Polka Dot Tie
Wern – Painted Dots Bow Tie
Chanchal: Orange Dokra Neckpiece
Orange Dokra Neckpiece

Suitably handy, not too personal, and yet, a reminder all year through… a perfect desktop keepsake for a colleague, a part time collaborator or team mate!

Inkspecks: Flower Power Table Top Calendar.
Flower Power Calendar

Gorgeous. Chic. Classy. Scarves and stoles in myriad hues. For that lady of grace who knows her mind. And yours.

Umoya: Silk Shibori Scarf
Silk Shibori Scarf – Multihues
Umoya: Beaded Silk Shibori Scarf
Beaded Silk Shibori Scarf
Umoya: Silk Shibori Scarf - Blue
Silk Shibori Scarf – Blue

The cheery-est sunny-est picks of the season. For the best buddy, the garden lover, the home body, or that special someone…

Glasshopper: Stained Glass Sun Catcer - 3D Butterfly.
Butterfly – Stained Glass Sun Catcher
Chatur Chidiya: Peppy Pops - Terracotta House Sparrow.
Terracotta Birds – House Sparrow
Glasshopper: Stained Glass Sun Catcher - 3D Bird.
3D Bird – Stained Glass Sun Catcher

What’s Xmas without hues of red and green? Never go wrong with these, can you?!

Mug aur Mooch: Butterfly Thinkbook
Butterfly Thinkbook
Sanchali: Polka Green and Teal Neckpiece.
Green and Teal Neckpiece
Una Accessories: Red Fringe Saddle Bag.
Faux Leather Fringed Saddle Bag

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