Prackriti Bhaargava.
Radio Superstar. Keeper of Secrets. Fully Filmy. Painter in the Making.

RJ Prackriti Bhargav for By the People.By the People is an interactive series where we bring you the most prodigious individuals from different walks of life. In this edition, we present to you Prackriti Bhaargava, who dons a bigger hat than we can tell.

When you get to know Prackriti Bhaargava, you will realise that the saying “Video killed the Radio Star” is so untrue. After 13 years of being an RJ (Radio Jockey), she now heads the Bollywood desk for a popular FM channel. Prackriti spends a significant amount of her day keeping us entertained to hummable tunes as well as playing host and interacting with the who-is-who of Bollywood. Having grown up to a healthy dose of filmy music and filmy fundas, she stretches her time between the Radio station, family, and chasing her passion – theatre. She is an active member of “Surnai Theatre”, where she expands her skill in theatrics.

RJ Prackriti BhargavAdd to it, this wonder human ensures no effort is spared to share her love with her extended family of strays. Having adopted 4 strays into her family, Prackriti and her husband actively help out with the ‘Youth Organisation in Defence of Animals (YODA)’, tending to the needs of the strays around their society.

And, it just doesn’t end there – give her some spare time and she grabs her pallette & canvas to express herself through the colours on the canvas of her paintings. Indeed, an artist in the making.

A painting by RJ Prackriti Bhaargava
A painting by RJ Prackriti Bhaargava
RJ Prackriti Bhaargava's Painting
RJ Prackriti Bhaargava’s Painting

While she is open to talk about any topic, she does keep a lot of secrets of the entertainment industry. On the other hand, Prackriti opens up to us and lists her favourites from the Unfactory collection.

Read along and explore her picks like the way we did at Unfactory.

Suncatchers – This vibrant Butterfly suncatcher makes my day each morning as the sun rays filter through it bringing it alive amidst my plants ☺

Glasshopper's 3D Butterfly Suncatchers
3D Butterfly Stained Glass Suncatcher from Glasshopper
These earrings caught my eye not just for their delicate look but also for the finesse with which the wings are made. A must have for any nature lover… pssst! You can use it very attractively in your hair as well :))
The Jewellery Project's Dragonfly earrings from the Nature's Collection.
Dragonfly – Sterling Silver Earrings from The Jewellery Project
A must have for the summer wardrobe! What a lovely piece this wrap is…one can team it with a beautiful long skirt or jeans or even with dhoti pants, depending on the occasion you are wearing it to. Personally, I would love to jazz it up with loads of ethnic silver neck chains, a silver armlet and loads of silver bangles.
Dori Design's Grey Checkered Maxi Dress
Grey Checkered Maxi from Dori Design
This flower is sooo beautiful! It is vibrant and lovely. I would love to use it as a part of my dress or in my hair 🙂 and the best part is that it won’t wilt even in the heat!
Textile Flowers from the Urban Flower Project
Textile Flowers from the Urban Flower Project
Just what I need to ‘bolster’ the low seating area at home! The Toda work is something I have personally loved and own a few pieces in batua bags and wall hangings as well. It definitely adds charm and colour to the corner it adorns!
Bolsters from the Toda Tribes.
Bolsters in Toda Weaves
Now that we have gone through RJ Prackriti’s list, let us know what’s on your list of favourites in the comment section.

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